Fun Photo Friday: Week 91

Quentin has started to try and play Albert and me off of each other.  He constantly asks for yogurt all day long regardless of how much yogurt he has eaten.  He insists on feeding himself so he gets it everywhere despite wearing two different bibs.  It usually ends up all over his hair as well so I don't like giving it to him. I have agreed to give it to him once a day (he usually eats two at a time) and then I say no for the rest of the day when he asks for it.  When Albert is around he will point at him and say "gogurt?" then he will point at me and ask when Dad says no.  What a little character.

He has started to differentiate between things.  He calls all men "dada" and all women "mama."    At first I was weirded out by him calling everyone mama and dada but then I realized what he was doing.  He knows it's not his mom and dad, he is just pointing out the gender differences.  He is also learning about light and dark.  Every time we go into a dark room he says "dark" and he loves to point out the city lights at night by saying "light, light."   He likes to identify everything that is hot, he's still learning about cold.  He points to the heater, steamer, oven or anything with steam coming off of it and say "hot."  He was flipping through the steamer manual and kept saying "hot, hot." He also likes to play with ice.

We have another ultrasound on Monday since we didn't get to see the baby's face during our last time. I'm excited to see him in 3D.  Seeing their faces on a regular ultrasound is a little scary since you just see the skeleton.

We've been getting ready for Thanksgiving next week, buying lots of groceries (me) and planning out what stores we want to go to on Black Friday (Albert).  Our friends are coming for a visit and Albert doesn't have to work on Thanksgiving day so it should be a fun time.


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