Fun Photo Friday: Week 90

Quentin and I came back from Houston on Tuesday evening.  In the middle of the night on Wednesday I realized Quentin had a bad fever so my dad went and bought Tylenol for him on Tuesday morning.  His fever broke before we left for the airport and he seemed to be doing a little better.  I on the other hand wasn't feeling well at all during our drive and ended up throwing up in the car, somewhat on myself and car.  I changed in the bathroom when we got to the airport and when we were checking in my baggage they said I was too late (by two minutes) to check my bags.  Apparently I was supposed to be there 45 minutes early.  I had never heard of that before.  Luckily they let me check them in anyway.  

I grabbed a pizza after going through security and hustled my way down to my gate holding my heavy baby bag, pizza, jackets, and 25 lb toddler (not to mention my unborn child).  There are many good things to say about the way the George Bush airport is set up, but I was cursing their lack of moving walkways at that point.  I was also not thrilled with the packed airplane and not getting an extra seat for Quentin.  The guy I was sitting by was nice and we chatted while Quentin watched some videos I downloaded for him.  Surprisingly Quentin fell asleep for the last 20 minutes or so, which was great.  Probably because his fever came back during our flight.

The election results were very disappointing.  I don't think one person I voted for was elected.  I'm really surprised that after all the talk about how things need to change in Washington people voted to keep it exactly the same.  I'm happy that I don't have to worry about it anymore. "Every country has the government it deserves."

Quentin's fever finally broke Wednesday morning so we decided to all go to my OB appointment.  Everything seems to be going well.   We were able to hear the baby's heartbeat, although Quentin was screaming the whole time.  He really gets freaked out when the midwife puts the wand on my belly.  I have been feeling the baby move more lately, which is fun.  I'm excited for Quentin and Albert to be able to feel him.

Like most kids, Quentin loves music and likes it when I sing to him.  He always says "God" when he requests "I'm a Child of God."  I have to sing it over and over and over again.  He also likes "Jesus wants me for sunbeam," "Wheels on the bus," "Five little monkeys sitting in a tree," and "Itsy bitsy spider."


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