International Festival

We went to the International Festival at the Talin Market on Saturday, September 29.  It wasn't anything like the massive Asian festivals they have in Washington, D.C., but it was fun to get out and see some cultural dancing.

We got there a little early so we went inside the market so Quentin could see the tilapia in the tank.  This is as close to an aquarium as he's ever seen so he enjoys it.  We also bought some Filipino food while we were there.

They had a dragon dance and lots of drumming, which was my favorite part.

They also had lots of different kung fu demonstrations, which was fun.

They had free face painting for children at the festival so we decided to get Quentin one.  I guess I wasn't really thinking about his reaction, but the face painter had a good idea on putting the design on his arm instead of his face.  Since Quentin could see what he was doing he decided it was ok as long as he looked away like he was getting a shot.  We picked a spider because it looked like the easiest design.  After it was all over Quentin really liked his spider.  


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