Fun Photo Friday: Week 86

Quentin has a love/hate relationship with yogurt and his toy trains.  He always wants a yogurt but when we open it he freaks out.  Sometimes I've been able to satisfy him by letting him open it and feed it to himself.  He will carry around his toy train and everything will be just fine until it's not.  I don't know what happens, but suddenly he throws it down and starts crying.  It's really weird.

He can be reasoned with in other situations though.  He likes to hold things and will throw a fit if you take it from him so I usually just go with it even when we're going to zumba.  Between songs I pointed out that he had dropped his truck and luckily the kid who had been playing with it left it for a second and he went over and got it.  I then asked him if he wanted me to take the truck and put it in my bag so we wouldn't leave it and he agreed and handed it to me.  I figured that this was a somewhat complicated request, but he understood.

Nap time is still a struggle and sometimes takes a long time to get him to sleep.  We read four books and then I hold him and sing to him.  While I was singing "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" he started singing "beam" in the appropriate places with enthusiasm.  He must sing it in Nursery because I didn't teach him that.  I have a hard time with him on my lap with my belly getting in the way.  I have to have him sitting on the side, but he likes sitting in the middle which is really uncomfortable for me.

I'm feeling better than I did in August and September, but I still have bouts of nausea on a regular basis generally in the evenings.  I don't remember feeling nauseous this far in to my pregnancy with Quentin.  Some say morning sickness is worse with girls, but I guess we'll see if that is the case for me in two weeks when we have our ultrasound :)

Albert passed his last test in the lab. He's now moved onto working on the floor where he will learn the way that things are actually done.  He will also start a new work schedule next Sunday, which will be an adjustment.


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