Fun Photo Friday: Week 85

This week I've been feeling better, except for Thursday night when I got super nauseous for no reason and puked a whole bunch (it was such a bummer because I actually ate something healthy for dinner), so I've been making an effort to cut down on tv during the day.  For the past two months I hadn't been feeling well so it was pretty easy to lay on the couch on watch tv while Quentin played.  With the exception of mornings when he has crazy tantrums during breakfast, the no tv rule has been going great. 

As I have mentioned, Quentin has been having a hard time going down for a nap.  At first I just had to hold him for a little bit before putting him in his bed.  Then I had to start singing to him and now I have to rock him completely to sleep.  It takes a half hour to put him down.  I've put him down later, but then he's super exhausted and I don't have luck with that either.  

Quentin can say a bunch of animal noises like cow, horse, cat, dog, duck, and sheep.  He's such a sponge lately.  He's also been really clingy and wants me to hold him a lot.  I like holding him, but sometimes I need to do something like work out and it's inconvenient.  Even during playgroup which he loves because we go to the park, he didn't want to get down and play with the kids.

I got out my maternity clothes just to check them out and after trying on a pair of my old pants decided I couldn't possibly try and squeeze myself back into my normal pants.  Maternity clothes are so much more comfortable!  My little baby bump is getting much more pronounced these days. 

Last Saturday afternoon I had my first of two Groupon prenatal massages and then I attended the General Relief Society Meeting in the evening.  Both were great and made for a nice "me" day.   Albert also had a Groupon massage this week which he of course enjoyed and then he passed another test on Friday.


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