Balloon Fiesta 2012

Albert got his new telescope the day before the Fiesta was set to start.  Unfortunately he didn't get to use it until Columbus Day because no balloons went up on Saturday.  Here are the pictures Albert took of the ascension that was about five miles away on Monday, October 8.


They had fireworks five nights during the two weekends and one week the Fiesta was going, which was fun to watch from our living room or bedroom.

Despite the weather forecast, Saturday, October 13, ended up being a great ballooning day.  Even the biggest shapes were able to go up when usually they blow them up and they sit on the ground the whole time.  It was a lot of fun to see all of them.  Hopefully we get to go down to the park next year. I hear that being there is amazing.

In the evening they had the Twilight Twinkle Glow where they blow up the balloons and they light up all at the same time.  It's really cool.

Here is the firework show from Saturday night:


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