Anatomy Ultrasound

The place we go to for our ultrasounds is so much better than the place we went to in Virginia.  We don't have to wait forever, the people are nice, they give us loads of pictures (even on a CD), and they do 3D pictures on a regular basis.  Plus we didn't have to wait until 20 weeks to get our anatomy scan.

We were pretty sure we were going to have a girl this time.  In the last ultrasound the baby was more laid back than Quentin was in his ultrasounds plus the heart rate was above 144.  We were wrong again, we thought Quentin was going to be a girl too.  Apparently we are really bad at guessing.  Other people I've spoken said they knew the gender of all their babies, but I have no idea.  That's why I like to find out ahead of time so I can get used to the idea :)

He didn't really move around, although it was hard to tell since the technician kept moving around and then pausing the screen.  Quentin was kicking and moving his arms constantly so I'm hoping Wyatt will be a little more mellow.  I think he was sleeping this time.

The first thing we saw in the ultrasound were Wyatt's little feet.  I noticed his long toes, that are just like Albert and Quentin's, although it seems like they may have more of an arch like mine.

Albert was sure he was girl when they showed his long legs.

Here's his little arm.

Proof that we're having a boy.

We couldn't get a good look at his face because he was curled up on his stomach facing my back.  It was pretty cute seeing his little arm and hand by his face.  Since they need have to check his face as part of the anatomy scan we have to go back the week of Thanksgiving to see his little face.  My brother and sister-in-law are having a boy in January and had a 3D scan of him and I was so impressed how well you could see his features, I swear he has his daddy's eyes.  This made me even more excited to see our baby's face.

It's probably just because I'm the mom, but I think he is so adorable, even in these pictures. I remember seeing Quentin's ultrasound pictures and thinking the same thing.  I really can't wait to cuddle this little guy.  When they aren't running around and getting into things, boys are so sweet and loving.  I'm excited to have another one.  Plus it's going to way cheaper since we already have everything.


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