Fun Photo Friday: Week 84

Quentin's vocabulary has really increased.  He tries to say a lot of words that we say and has started using a lot of new words on a regular basis.  As long as he has a nap he's in a good mood although mornings are still rough most days. He enjoys jumping off the ottoman and fireplace while Albert catches him.  He doesn't give warnings and so Albert really has to be on the ball at all times. Albert cut Quentin's hair on Friday night.  He was upset so I had to hold the whole time like last time.  We decided to leave it a little longer on top so we can style it. Quentin's still the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I'm starting to feel more like myself these days.  I still feel a bit nauseous especially in the evenings, but it's not nearly as bad.  I can even function without a nap most days and I don't feel out of breath as often while doing zumba.  My clothes aren't fitting as well so I think the maternity clothes are going to have to come out soon.


kimi + joe said…
Embrace the maternity clothes! Q is the cutest Cortez baby I've ever seen too :)

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