Fun Photo Friday: Week 83

This week was pretty good.  I'm starting to feel a little better, not quite as nauseous or tired as I have been.  I even made dinner twice :)  I do get faint feeling quite easily, especially when I pack Quentin up the stairs.  I have to take it VERY easy sometimes.  I like this saying I found on that describes each trimester of pregnancy as “dreary, cheery and weary.”  I'm so done with this "dreary" stage and I can't wait to move onto "cheery."  This pregnancy has been very similar to the last except that I've had a lot of headaches.  

Quentin turned 19 months old today! He has been having a hard time going down for naps lately.  He will cry for awhile and then play around in his bed the entire time.  I have to go in there and hold him for a while otherwise he won't sleep at all.  He didn't take a nap on Wednesday and I paid for it the rest of the day.

Some mornings Quentin wakes up super cranky and I have the hardest time getting him to eat breakfast without one major meltdown so the other day I played some children's church songs which really seemed to help calm him down and put him in a better mood.

Albert passed another test so he's still employed!  He's also been working on getting rid of all the pigeons that sit and poop on our roof.  Hopefully they'll bother the neighbors and leave our house alone once he installs bird spikes on the roof.


G-ma Wendy said…
Maybe you should start his nap after lunch. It seems like they usually switch over to afternoon naps around 18 months. Just a few more weeks, and you will be so cheery! Tell Albert, Randy will come help with pigeon removal, Ha ha ha.

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