Fun Photo Friday: Week 82

Sunday I taught my first Young Women's lesson to four girls and six leaders.  I did ok, but have room for improvement.  Luckily I'll have plenty of opportunity to work on my teaching skills.  Quentin did well in nursery again.  I'm so happy he's adjusting well to being without mom and dad for a couple hours a week.

It's been a little cooler around these parts, something I've been waiting for all summer, so I've been dressing Quentin in pants and long sleeves.  He really doesn't like it.  He's always pulling on his pants and sleeves and whining.  Hopefully he'll start to get used to it since it's not going to be changing anytime soon.

On Friday we went out to eat at Outback to celebrate Albert passing his test this week.  We found out that the owner of our local Outback goes to our church which is pretty cool.  I actually teach his daughter in Young Women's.


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