Fun Photo Friday: Week 81

Quentin has been pretty funny this week.  He has started spinning around and then throwing himself on the ground.  He usually does this either when he's wrestling with Dad, it's a pretty cool wrestling move, or when he's mad.  He also had been walking around saying "nuk, nuk, nuk" like one of the three stooges.  He's also been more obsessed with trucks, cars, planes, and helicopters.  He'll see a car on a commercial and then make an engine noise.

Our couch we special ordered a couple months ago was finally delivered this week.  It looks good, we're really happy with it.  Our new storage ottoman where we're storing toys also came the same day so we're done with furnishing our living room for the time being.  We're going to have some guys from church come by next week and help us carry our old couch upstairs to our loft so then it will start to better.  On Monday we bought a dresser for Albert that will be delivered next Friday.

We watched some of the DNC this week.  I liked Michelle Obama's speech the best. My favorite part was when she talked about the President "strategizing about middle-school friendships" over dinner. Bill Clinton's was good, he had some funny one liners, but way too long to keep my attention the whole time.  I liked when Joe Biden talked to his wife and kids.  The President's speech didn't resonate with me at all. I expected big things after he criticized Romney several times for not going into detail in his speech, but he was even less specific. Should be pretty interesting to see what comes of the debates next month.

I listened to a segment on NPR that said both conventions fulfilled their respective goals.  The DNC's goal was to rally it's base (since most people have made up their minds anyway) and the RNC's goal was to showcase their up and coming leaders for future elections.  


kimi + joe said…
He's such a big boy! I'm thrilled he's loving planes etc and all things boy. Joe is happy his 'baby gift' is put to good use.

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