Santa Fe

My baby sister came to visit at the beginning of August so we decided to actually leave the house so she might want to come back some day.  Santa Fe is only 45 minutes away so we up there to check things out.  They had an art fair going on so we looked at all the goods.

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi was beautiful against the mountains and the cute pueblo buildings.  I highly recommend taking a little tour of downtown Santa Fe.

The inside of the cathedral.

The guy working at the cathedral told me that the Mary statue was one of the oldest and biggest religious relics from Spain in the new world.  Most of the relics they brought initially were quite small since they couldn't bring a lot of things with them.

We also visited the outlet mall where Albert bought me a cute Coach bag for my birthday that was on clearance plus 50% off plus 30% more off.  Pretty good deal :)


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