Fun Photo Friday: Week 80

Quentin is talking more and more, which is nice since trying to guess what he wants gets frustrating for everyone.  He went to nursery during the last two hours of church on Sunday and did great.  He went right in and we snuck away while he wasn't looking.  We were nervous and I figured that he would probably cry a lot, but they said he only cried a little bit a few times but stopped whenever they picked him up.

We were very much tuned into the Republican National Convention.  Quentin loved all the cheering and applause.  Albert and I loved all the speeches especially Condeleeza Rice, NM Governor Susanna Martinez, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Clint Eastwood, Marco Rubio, and of course Mitt Romney.  Albert and I were really wishing we could have been there.  Maybe some day we can figure out how to be delegates or something.

I am very excited about this presidential election and after watching this convention I am all for Romney.  I was a bit indifferent during the primaries.  I was going for Romney mostly because the other candidates were weird plus I didn't believe any Republican could beat Obama.  After watching the convention I totally believe Mitt when he says he will do everything in his power to help me and my family and help keep the US a world leader in all aspects.  

We had a surprise visit from Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Randy on Friday night and it took Quentin about five minutes to to warm up to them on Saturday morning and had so much fun playing with Grandpa all day.  I wish we lived closer!


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