Fun Photo Friday: Week 78

This week Albert started non-radar in his training, which is intense.  I had my 32nd birthday on Thursday, which was nice.  Albert bought me flowers, a Coach bag, bedside lamps, candles, and dinner at Outback.  Quentin gave me lots of nice hugs and kisses and was well behaved while we ate.

On Wednesday I went to our monthly Relief Society (church women's group) meeting.  This month is was a trip to the temple to perform baptisms on behalf of those who have passed away.  It was really nice to go back to the temple after having been away since before Quentin was born.  I also go to get to know some of the women in our new congregation a little better. 

I was gone from 4:30-8:15 pm, which was the longest I have been away from Quentin while he was awake and it was the first night I didn't nurse him before he went to sleep since I wasn't around that night.  I haven't nursed him since so I guess he's officially weaned.  He doesn't seem to miss it, I think it was more habit.  I was really nervous about weaning him since he loved it so much, but it hasn't been bad.  We have been holding him for a bit in the dark until he either falls asleep or indicates that he's ready to go in his bed.  I was afraid that this would lead to a really long bedtime routine, but it has gotten shorter each night.  I've enjoyed not having to worry about what clothes to wear and getting to wear my old bras, etc.

Quentin is learning new words and signs all the time.  Anytime I say "fast" he runs as fast as he can go. He loves to give kisses and says bye-bye to everyone.  He also managed to climb out of his pack n play that was in the closet so we had to finally fix his curtain in his room and put him in his crib.  So Quentin is no longer sleeping in the closet!  Lots of big changes for the little guy :)


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