Fun Photo Friday: Week 77

Quentin finally realized that he can run around in circles through the kitchen, family room, and the hallway.  He loves trains, cars, and going outside.  I would take him outside more if I didn't have to fight to get him back inside, and if it wasn't so hot at midday when he wants to go out.  The sun here is intense and if you're not in the shade you're in trouble.

I went and got my New Mexico driver's license and Quentin was so good waiting during nap time.  He loved  watching the other kids that were there and they even had a play house that he played in for a bit at the beginning.  The snacks really helped too.

He is really good at saying bye and waving.  He says it anytime we go upstairs or just to the kitchen.  He can also say thank you while he signs it.  He will do it upon request, but hasn't done it on his own.


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