Fun Photo Friday: Week 76

reading with Grandma Wendy

We have had lots of visitors this week.  It took a little bit for Quentin to warm up to Grandma and Grandpa, but by the time they left he was pretty sad to see them go.  He had a lot of fun with them even though they were only here for the weekend.  Luckily Aunt Laina came on Wednesday and he has been really having fun with her and even wanted her to hold him over mom.  He used to hate the vacuum but he his now obsessed with it and makes Aunt Laina push it around the living room over and over again.  Quentin has been pretty cranky lately so of course I assume he's teething.  Who knows if he's just having a bad day or if he's in pain.

Other than hanging out with family we've been watching the Olympics non-stop.  I can't believe that during the next summer games Quentin will be getting ready to start kindergarten!  During the games in Beijing Albert and I were newly weds.  Lots has changed in these last four years.


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