Fun Photo Friday: Week 74

We've officially lived in Albuquerque for three months today.  We closed out our furnished apartment yesterday.  Wednesday evening Albert and I spent three hours cleaning the place and getting the rest of our stuff packed up.  I brought a movie for Quentin to watch, but he was more intent on following us from room to room, making messes where we had just cleaned, and playing outside in the rain.

Quentin has been learning so much lately.  I can teach him tons of stuff and he catches on really quickly.  I taught him to sign please since all the kids at playgroup that are his same age were doing it, and saying it, but it only lasted a day.  I'll have to keep working on him.  I also taught him to "mano".  This is a Filipino tradition that Albert's parents practice so it's important for him to know.  He caught on right away and if you put your hand by his head he'll take your hand and put the back of it to his forehead just like a good little Filipino boy should.  Albert Skyped his parents that same night to show them :)  

On Thursday he climbed on my lap and took his spoon that was in his oatmeal bowl and started eating.  It was the first time he'd ever done that.  He kept looking at me with this big grin.  He knew he was doing something cool. It's so neat to see him growing and developing.  Learning new things all the time.  He even remembered the neighbors cat who sits in the window at our old apartment when we went over there.  He pointed to the window and said "kitty" even though he wasn't there.

Quentin has also started eating different foods.  I don't want to jinx it because it's only been the last couple days, but he has eaten black beans, tomatoes, rice, pad thai, quesadillas with green chili peppers, and tilapia.  I've been really impressed.


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