Fun Photo Friday: Week 73

We have been in the new house for a week now and I spend all day putting boxes away.  We have almost finished painting the master bedroom.  It's a beautiful light grey/blue and I love it.  It's our sanctuary.  We also got our new tv stand and night stands delivered on Thursday.  It's the first time I've ever owned a legit night stand and it's great.  

On Friday evening we finally got our internet and Direct TV set up.  A whole week without internet was tough.  Albert download my emails on his iPad, but I wasn't able to look up random things and recipes.  We were only getting two channels through the antennae, Fox and Cool TV, and we don't get cable here so we decided to get satellite.  Now we're a little overwhelmed with options. 

Quentin is getting used to the house.  I think moving a bunch of boxes out of the living room has helped.  His bedroom is pretty much set up, but he's still sleeping in the closet since we haven't found the blackout curtain for his room.  He is really into "Baby Signing Time" these days and is constantly signing baby while singing "Baby, Baby."  It's pretty adorable.  

He also loves the book "Frosty the Snow Man" my mom, brother, and sister gave him for Christmas.  It's one of those Hallmark books where you can record someone reading the book.  He liked it in December, but now he wants us to flip through the pages with him at least daily.  He loves watching the many birds that fly by our house.  We have a lot more wildlife here.  Besides birds we see lizards, butterflies, and bunnies.

We already had a bunch of social gatherings this week.  The Relief Society (church women's group) presidency visited me on Tuesday and one of the councilors invited me to a Tupperware party on Wednesday evening.  So I went to that and to playgroup on Wednesday and on Friday we were invited to an informal dinner at a couple's house we met at church along with two other couples.  Then on Friday night our neighbors invited us over while they barbecued so we snuck over for a few minutes while Quentin was sleeping.


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