Fun Photo Friday: Week 72

petting the dogs up for adoption in front of Sam's Club

After we closed last week we started packing up things and bringing them over to the new house, buying appliances, and painting the kitchen and master bedroom.  We watched the fireworks from our free orange couch while we took a break from painting the red wall in the kitchen.  We have an awesome view of Albuquerque which never gets old.  We put Quentin to bed in his pack-n-play in his new room (in the closet since we don't have his black out curtains up yet) while we painted and then when we finished for the night around midnight we packed him up and went back to the apartment. 

Albert took off Thursday and Friday so we've had some time to make big purchases, etc.  We've had a good time working together on all the painting so far and our new giant fridge was installed on Thursday.

On Friday all our stuff arrived in our Pack Rat container and so far nothing is broken! The missionaries from our church came and helped us pack some of the heavier items into the house and then a couple of Albert's co-workers came by after work and brought in our giant king sized bed.  Oh how I've missed it!  It will be our first night in the new house.

Quentin initially was really excited about all the new space, but since the place is now filled with boxes, he's been having a harder time adjusting, which is to be expected. He has been pretty clingy and I've had to hold him a lot.  We get a lot more work done when he's asleep.  He fell down a few stairs the first day we were here because he refuses to go down the stairs on his belly, he wants to walk down like us.  


Amanda said…
Yeay for new houses!! :) And neither of my girls wanted to go down the stairs on their bums/bellies. They're both adamant about walking down like "big girls". Lots and lots of hand holding until they get used to it.

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