Recipe of the Week: Polenta Lasagna

I wanted to make Italian lasagna for Christmas dinner, but couldn't find gluten-free lasagna noodles so I decided to substitute polenta.  I used the recipe for lasagna that I posted in 2009.  You can find it here.   It was labor and time intensive, but really tasty.  Good for a special occasion.

  1. I used my recipe from 2009 for the sauce except I substituted Italian sausage for half of the meat. 
  2. I made Mario Batali's beshamel sauce found here.  It was definitely a challenge on the old electric stove we had.
  3. I made the polenta according to directions and then I spread it out in the pan where I let it set up.  
  4. I layered the meat sauce over the polenta, then the beshamel sauce and topped it off with mozzerella.
  5. Baked for 30 minutes at 375 degrees covered with tinfoil and then 10 minutes without the tinfoil to brown the cheese.


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