Fun Photo Friday: Week 71

I'm not sure if Quentin likes his new hair cut or not, but I'm loving it.  Albert did a great job on it even though Quentin was crying the entire time. We've been spending a lot of evenings at appliance and furniture stores lately and Quentin loves to walk around picking up signs.  I don't know why they always put breakable things on the coffee tables at furniture stores.  I spend the entire time running after him making sure he doesn't break anything.  

One of his new favorite things he likes is hanging out in the bath tub outside of bath time.  I decided to put him in there once when  he kept getting into everything while I was getting ready and he was driving me crazy and now he begs me to put him in every time I'm in there.

Oh, and we closed on the house this morning!  After lots of drama and waiting on bated breath to see if everything would work out, we finally closed and the funding and recording have all been finalized so it's officially ours!


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