Fun Photo Friday: Week 69

This week was a lot like last week.  Lots of poop and still waiting to hear about our loan.  First we were supposed to hear by Monday or Tuesday then it went to Friday and now it's Monday or Tuesday of next week.  We're still supposed to close by the end of the month so it seems like if everything works out it will all happen pretty fast.

Albert has been talking about getting Quentin a little toy house. I suggested we just let him play in one of the boxes we have in our junk room since he looses interest so quickly in things, I hate to spend all that money on something he won't play with in a couple of weeks.  He has had so much fun in that box and loves to bring all his stuffed animals in there with him.  Albert has big plans to make him an awesome play house made of cardboard and duct tape once we move.

We had corn on the cob a couple times this week and Quentin loved it.  I tried cutting some off the cob for him, but he insisted on eating it off the cob and did a great job.  We went out to Melting Pot so we could use our free cheese course coupon on Thursday.  Quentin was not impressed.  Going out to eat is so much more fun without a toddler.


kimi + joe said…
Just look at all those teeth! I fully support the idea of boxes and duct tape. Plus, it'd be very easy to make an addition, remodel, or destroy in the future :)
Amanda said…
I agree with you on the eating out is more fun without toddlers. My girls are super well behaved but still, there's so much involved in keeping the occupied when the stimulation is high that I'd much rather reduce stimuli here at home and enjoy what I'm eating. :)

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