Fun Photo Friday: Week 68

This week has been poopy.  Quentin has had a case of diarrhea and I have spent a lot of time each day cleaning up poo. Poor little guy.  He doesn't seem sick or uncomfortable so I haven't been too worried about it.  I checked with Cousin Jake who is doing his pediatric residency in Florida and whose wife just delivered a sweet baby boy on May 21.  He said to just keep him hydrated and make sure there isn't any blood in his stool.  Luckily his diaper rash is cleared up so it's a little easier on all of us.

Quentin is still doing all sorts of cute things. He doesn't wave anymore, he just blows kisses to all sorts of people including the maintenance guys and random people driving by.  When I count to three he says two after one.  He loved looking at the tilapia at the ethnic grocery store and kept doing the fish sign.  So cute :) 

We're still waiting to hear back from our new loan officer on whether or not we're a go on the loan.  It should be okay since they checked with Fannie Mae before our initial approval.  We should hear either Monday or Tuesday next week and then we'll go onto the appraisal.  Hopefully it's low!


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