Fun Photo Friday: Week 67

It has been a rough week.  Quentin grew a couple molars which kept him cranky during the day and waking up multiple times at night.  Thank heavens for tylenol.  He's doing better now, which is nice for everyone.  We've also had some set backs with our mortgage and we ended up having to get a new lender, which requires even more paper work than the first one.  It looks like there's a good chance we can still get the house, but the not knowing is really taking a toll.  We'll find out for sure next week.

Quentin sure keeps us on our toes.  He goes from one room to the next pulling everything out of the cupboards and drawers.  Meeting with our lender or real estate agent proves to be difficult as he walks around the office getting into everything.  He's full of smiles and talks all the time.  He blows kisses instead of waving.  Life is exponentially better with him in it.


kimi + joe said…
I love that you say, "Life is exponentially better with him in it." I agree and feel the same way with our little one.

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