Filipino Kitchen

Albuquerque has a lot more diversity in restaurants than I expected.  There are lots of Vietnamese, Thai, and even Greek/Mexican restaurants.  There's also new Filipino restaurant in Albuquerque so we went to go check it out.  The food was good, but the bill was a little higher than we would like to pay so we probably won't be going back anytime soon.  

We had fun looking at how these pictures came out.  Albert and Quentin have the same exact expression in each picture while they eat their egg rolls. Completely random.  Like father, like son :)

For dessert we had some really good halo-halo.  It had just the right amount of everything.  Unfortunately it's almost $8!  Albert is excited to try and make it at home for cheap.  There is a fantastic ethnic grocery store that hopefully will have everything we need.  


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