Fun Photo Friday: Week 66

When we're not naming off all the reasons why we're excited to move into the new house, Albert and I talk about how cute Quentin is.  I'd say 95 percent of our conversations are either about the house or Quentin.  He likes to pretend he's on the phone and every time one of us gets on the phone he pretends he's on the phone, blabbering away walking around the apartment until we finish and then he's done too.  

He's added belly, legs, and face to his list of body parts he can point to.  My favorite is when I ask him where his toes are and he tickles them.  Apparently I have been tickling his toes a lot :)  He also tickles my toes and even his bed.  He calls bananas "ba ba" and points to them whenever he sees one at the store.  His favorite song is "Three Little Monkeys" and he can even do the hand gestures for the alligator, jaws open wide, and snap without any prompting.

Quentin gives the best kisses.  They aren't the open mouth slobbery ones either.  They're closed mouth, dry kisses and he gives them frequently, which makes his mamma very happy. He has perfected his kiss blowing too.   He comes with me to zumba three times a week and hangs out with the other kids on the side of the gym.  He does really well and doesn't need me at all anymore.  I think he'll do great when he gets to nursery in three more months!!

We visited the Air Force Base and they have a thrift store that is free for military personnel who have a rank below a certain number.  Luckily we qualify and we picked Quentin up a little four wheeler that he absolutely loves.  He would sit on it all day if we let him.  We also picked up an awesome orange couch for our loft for free.  

Monday marked his 15 month of life and we went to the doctor's office to celebrate.  He was not a happy camper and cried loudly the entire examination.  The doctor was really cool though.  He now weighs 22 lbs and is 31.25" long.  He is in about the 25th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for length.

This little guy cracks me up constantly and I'm so glad I'm his mom.


kimi + joe said…
He's probably talking with Elizabeth to set up a playdate :) It's funny, ELizabeth 'talks' on the phone too but actually holds the phone closer to the back of her head. She needs a lesson from Q.

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