Fun Photo Friday: Week 64

Quentin took his first steps on Sunday, but hasn't been eager to make it a regular thing.  With some prodding he took a few steps in a row today so I know he can do it.  He has really been a character lately.  He jabbers while holding his wrist to his ear, pretending to talk on the phone; dances and shares his food with the other kids at zumba; waves his finger back and forth while saying "no, no, no;" and crawls inside all the cabinets.   

Quentin surprised me the other day when he handed me his Brown Bear, Brown Bear book and said "bow bear."  He says "da" or "da da" a lot.  Sometimes he means Albert, but most of the time he says it while pointing at something he wants.  I figure he means "that."

He has been waking up at 6 AM and refuses to take a morning nap.  I think he got out of the habit of napping in the morning due to us going to zumba Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning and story time on Tuesday and Thursday.  This is unfortunate because he's so tired.  We'll have to see if we can do anything about that or if it's too late for the morning nap.


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