First Steps

On Sunday, I dressed Quentin in an outfit my sister-in-law sent me that was her son's.  He looked so cute I had Albert take his photo.  Quentin was really into getting his picture taken and was totally modeling for him, which he never does for me.

Albert wanted to get some pictures of him standing up and we didn't think he'd actually stand there by himself. He had been occasionally standing by himself, but only for a few seconds.  Quentin seemed so into getting his picture taken that he stood there for awhile.

Then he took his first step while Albert was taking his picture!  We were late for church, but it was totally worth it.  We were so happy that both of us were there and we had the camera out!  He hasn't just taken off yet, but he has made a repeat performance a couple times.  He's getting more and more confident.

Quentin decided to wear his hat to the side and act a little crazy.

Looks like he's making an important phone call.  He's started to take random objects and hold them up to his ear while he jabbers away.  He also likes to hand us things.


kimi + joe said…
That's an exciting reason to be late for church :) So wonderful that you could both witness his first steps! Love his dapper suit too.

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