Isola Bella

The week that we left Oklahoma City I decided I should take some pictures of the apartment complex where we had been staying called Isola Bella.  I have to say that while not ideal for the long-term, it's a fantastic place to stay for a short-term visit.  The food is decent and the people that work there are very nice.  If you find yourself in Oklahoma City for a few weeks you should check it out.  

Not having to cook for yourself or go out to eat every night it a big plus.  When they say furnished apartment they actually mean you could live there without bringing all your earthly belongings with you (unlike the place we're staying at now).  If you don't have something they will get it for you. Also the grounds are very well maintained and you get maid service once a week.

The first picture is the path we took to one of the bridges that crossed the lake to the pavilion where we ate breakfast and dinner everyday.  The pavilion is the building on the right. The second picture is of the work out facility that was HUGE, 3000 sq ft I think.  The last two are of the some apartments and the lake.

I was so excited to see the baby ducks had hatched at our old apartment building in OKC.  Look at those cute little guys!  It reminded me of when I was in 7th grade and we incubated duck eggs and it was so cool to feel its little webbed feet on the palm of my hand.  There was also a baby goose but I didn't get a picture of that one.

Here's a male duck that hung out by the side walk.  I had never seen ducks like this before going to Oklahoma.  They sort of look like chickens with the mask.



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