Fun Photo Friday: Week 62

playing in the cupboard

This week has been an adjustment.  Albert started his new job on Monday and since there's no metro or shuttle to take him to work, he's been driving the car.  So Quentin and I have been exploring the new neighborhood on foot.  Unlike Oklahoma where the weather was finicky at best, Albuquerque has definitely lived up to it's reputation of having nice weather.  Except for Thursday when we had a bit of a dust storm (those things are no joke), the sky was always blue with a few scattered clouds and temperatures in the 80's.  I've been having to adjust to the lack of humidity and the sun is scorching.  You must always wear sunglasses and sunscreen is advised.  Yesterday while walking through a neighborhood an older Asian woman pulled up beside us.  I thought she wanted directions, but she actually wanted to get my digits so Q and I could hang out with her daughter and one-year-old grandson.  I felt like I was getting asked out on a date by a stranger.  I figure if she does call maybe we can meet at a park.  I could use a friend.

Quentin has gotten used to our noisy apartment and is now sleeping quite well.  We intended to put him in his own room since we have two now, but it's so bright and noisy in there we opted to put him in a large closet.  His bed and an ottoman fit perfectly in there so it's like he has is own little room.  One thing is not doing well these days is eating.  He cries because he's hungry but he won't eat anything besides cereal, yogurt, bananas, or sometimes quesadillas or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) he's still nursing so he's getting some vitamins.  He is loving our bigger apartment and enjoys dragging me around while I help him walk and constantly getting into things.


Dani said…
I flew back to Denver on Thursday in the dust storm, wish I would have paid attention to you moving and I would have called to meet up!! (PS it was horrible turbulence leaving; I was freaking out!!)

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