Church Easter Party

Our church congregation gathered at the house of a family in the ward for our Easter party.  They have a lot of land with horses and cows.  It was so pretty and it was nice to get out of the city. We started off with a great BBQ.  Albert ate until he could not eat anymore.  He was so sad he couldn't fit anymore hot dog in his belly.  

We then went over to see the longhorns and their calves.  Neither of us had ever seen longhorns before and I had no idea that the females also had horns.  Those mamas were really protective of their calves and the black one would charge the fence if you got too close.  As she was doing so she flipped some poo on the pants of the guy in the black jacket. It was kinda funny.  

Quentin did quite well during the Easter egg hunt.  With some prodding he was able to pick up the eggs and more importantly put them in the basket.  He's usually not very good at letting something go once he gets a hold of it.  He loved carrying around his basket by the edge, he refused to hold it by the handle so the eggs kept falling out.  Those plastic eggs have provided a lot of entertainment since then.

The kids were hogging the horses so Albert didn't get to ride one, but Quentin did get to pet the miniature horse.  He wasn't as into it as I thought he would be since he's always so excited to pet the horse in his touch and feel book.  It might have been because he was getting pretty tired by then.

We are really going to miss our Oklahoma ward.


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