Tip of the Day: Money Saving Links

I've been going for a lot of walks lately since the weather has been so nice and occasionally we end up at the library.  Quentin loves to pull down all the books while I look through magazines.  I have gotten some good tips from Consumer Reports and Real Simple magazines that I thought I would pass on.

Consumer Reports top 5 recommended toilet paper:

  1. White Cloud 3-ply Ultra Soft and Thick (Wal-Mart) | $.25 per 100 sheets {Best Buy}
  2. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush | $.38 per 100 sheets
  3. Great Value Ultra Strong (Wal-Mart) | $.27 per 100 sheets
  4. White Cloud Soft & Thick (Wal-Mart) | $.19 per 100 sheets
  5. CVS Premium Ultra | $.40 per 100 sheets

Real Simple ideas to save money:

  • Find the best priced gas in your area by downloading the no-cost app GasBuddy.  You can also visit http://gasbuddy.com/
  • Carpool using eRideShare.com
  • Go to BillShrink.com to figure out the best cable package for you
  • Go to GiftCardGranny.com to get gift cards for as much as 35% off their stated value
  • For shoes check-out Sierra Trading Post.  They also give 20% off to twitter and Facebook followers
  • See Lookmatic.com for eyeglasses for $88 (including prescription with free shipping and returns
  • For travel see Yapta.com.  It will send you an alert when prices drop. You can also try and negotiate a 20% discount from the quoted rate with hotel managers
  • See BedRx.com for prescriptions for chronic conditions.  Local and mail-order pharmacies compete for your business giving you a discount.  You can also download the free Rx iCard app that is like a discount card for prescriptions not covered by insurance.  You can save an average of 30%


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