Oklahoma Railway Museum

Another fun free place to go in Oklahoma City is the train museum. We went on the first day March and the trees were already blooming. We were the only ones there except for a couple older men that were working on a miniature train model.  They didn't have much to say and reminded me of my great grandpa who often wore the old striped train bib overalls.

We wondered around the open trains.  One train had pictures of celebrities from Oklahoma.  It seems that pretty much every country singer is from Oklahoma.  Except for Keith Urban, he's from Australia. There were lots of pictures of Reba McIntyre, Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, and Carrie Underwood.

Since no one was around I thought it was a good time to take some pictures of Quentin.  Too bad Albert wasn't around, it would be the perfect place for family pictures.


kimi + joe said…
Cool scenery indeed. You'll definitely have to take Albert there for a family photo session.

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