Oklahoma City Zoo

Oklahoma City has tons to do for kids, even more than in DC, which really surprised me. They even have this great magazine where you can find them all including consignment sales (in DC I only ever found out about them when everyone was asking me if I had gone). They don't even include all the fun things you can do at the library.  During the winter  months the Oklahoma City Zoo is free on Mondays.  We ended up going on the last Monday of February.  Luckily it was a nice day and it was so fun to get out.  We walked all over that zoo and I was so tired by the time we went home.

Here are some really interesting animals like the Andean condor, rhinoceroses, foxes, and otters.

We checked out the reptiles.  I had to take pictures of the rattle snakes and the cottonmouth "water moccasin" (I still shutter whenever I think of water moccasins because of Lonesome Dove).  I also thought it was interesting how chummy the water snake was with the turtles.  Who knew they were so friendly.  I was wondering if the turtle felt uncomfortable with the snake wrapped around it.

We saw a lot of animals found in Oklahoma like the grizzly bear, bison, pheasants, wild turkey, and a cougar.  Quentin has really been into pointing lately and he particularly liked that turkey.  He is not a very pretty bird.

I was a little bummed that the tiger cubs were out of sight the whole time and I barely got a glimpse of the lions.  Luckily the elephant and her baby came out for a second and I hurried and snapped a couple pictures.  As always the monkeys were fun to see.  Quentin liked them quite a bit.


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