Haircut #2

Quentin is a sweaty little baby and I thought a haircut might make him feel more comfortable, especially since the weather is going to be getting warmer (some days it's warm anyway).  Since the last hair cut went so well, we decided to do the same thing and cut his hair in the sink with the electric razor.  He did really well and busied himself with the faucet for a while. 

Another thing you might not know about Quentin is his love of hair, eating hair that is.  Usually it's my hair that he finds on the ground.  One time I found a strand of my hair that had gone all the way through his digestive system.  So we weren't too surprised when he started licking his arm that was covered with hair.  Yum!  Now if he would only eat his food, we would be good.

Here are the before and after shots.  He definitely looks like a little boy now.


Sara said…
AWWEEE he looks so cute with his haircut!
kimi + joe said…
He's turning into a big boy so quickly! You're becoming quite an expert at this hair cutting business. Hard to believe Q has had two hair cuts and E isn't even close to having one.

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