Fun Photo Friday: Week 58

Quentin has been crazy fun and crazy frustrating.  He's so cute spontaneously clapping whenever I sing "If you're happy and you know it" and "Patty cake."  He also started clapping while he was nursing today.  Yeah for milk!  Whenever I ask him whatever some animal says he grunts or growls, which I guess is pretty accurate as most mammals grunt and growl.  I got out his sunglasses and he is really into them.  He loves to look at himself in the mirror while wearing them and then take them off and hold them. He also enjoys brushing his teeth and opens his mouth and says "ahh".

I love that he is pointing now.  I feel like we can communicate on a whole new level.  When I ask if he sees the ducks he points to them and I know he knows what I'm saying.  He points to what he wants too, which is very helpful.

The frustrating part has come during lunch and dinner time.  He is generally good at breakfast when we feed him fruit or oatmeal, but he hasn't wanted anything to do with what we're feeding him for the rest of the day, but then cries because he's hungry and wakes up in the middle of the night to nurse.  He'll only eat sweet stuff like milk, cereal, yogurt (he spits out any chunks of fruit), or peanut butter with bananas.  


kimi + joe said…
Oh, I could get lost in his eyes -- he's just so handsome! I'm with ya on the food issue. Elizabeth loves all things fruit and sweet but veggies and protein are painful. I wish I had a solution for both of us.

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