Fun Photo Friday: Week 57

Quentin celebrated his 13 month anniversary on Wednesday, he's growing up!  He has been teething or having a growth spurt or both.  Either way he's been gnawing on everything including our hands and has been really cranky.  He's hungry, but he usually doesn't like what we feed him, even it's one of his favorites, and it gets frustrating cleaning up all the food he spits out and throws on the floor.  The up side as been extra long naps.  He's been sleeping for a couple hours in the morning and again another hour or so in the afternoon.  Thursday and Friday have been better, he seems a lot happier so maybe whatever it was is over.  

While at the store he started crying hysterically when he saw the yogurt on the check-out counter.  He loves yogurt and calmed down when I explained that we were going to take it with us.  He's been saying bye-bye occasionally while cute!  Sometimes he pats us on the back while giving hugs, usually Albert who he adores and hugs constantly, although he has been saying "mamma" a lot lately, which warms my heart :)


kimi + joe said…
Oh that sweet 'momma' word gets me every time too :)

Glad he seems to be over whatever it was.

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