Fun Photo Friday: Week 56


This week we took lots of walks in the nice weather and even went to the park for playgroup.  Quentin loved being outside.  He's starting to be a little less timid around others, especially adults.  After being here since December and eating at the pavilion every morning he finally waves at the women that work there and random people at the store.  At playtime at the library he crawled right over to another mother and played with her and her daughter a little bit.  Also at playtime, there was a speech pathologist visiting who commented on how social he was and how connected he is to me (watching me, etc).

When we see a dog he started saying "da" after I say "dog."  He also says "wow" and "that", mostly he just mimics words we say and I'm not sure if he really understands the words.  He's getting pretty particular about when and what he will eat which is stressful for everyone.  He doesn't even like to try food, but we keep trying.


kimi + joe said…
What a sweet photo.

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