Fun Photo Friday: Week 54

Q eating bubbles that Dad was blowing while in the tub

Quentin's appetite for food hasn't made the recovery from last week when he was sick.  He's eating about half of what he usually eats and is subsisting  much more on nursing, which isn't really going in the direction I was planning.  He has been really cuddly and giving Mom nice long hugs generally reserved just for Dad.  It was really nice weather this week so we visited the zoo, a nature park, and the train museum. Quen enjoyed getting outside and was pretty tuckered out afterwards.


kimi + joe said…
Sounds like a fun-filled week! Wish we could have joined you! It snowed this week, a lot, and consequently we've spent far too much time indoor.
Sara said…
Have you started him on whole milk yet and weaning? He looks so big and super cute!

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