Recent Giveaway Wins

I love entering giveaways and occasionally I win some of them.  Recently I've been pretty lucky and I really need to give a shout out to the great blogs I frequent that hold awesome giveaways.  From October to January I have won the following goodies:

+ Five boxes of Kinnikinnick gluten free donuts: {Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Dipped, Cinnamon Sugar, Maple Glazed, and Vanilla Glazed} from Gluten Free Fun.  These were really tasty microwaved for a few seconds with milk.  They had a cakey texture and no weird gluten free after taste.

I LOVED the chocolate ones, but I love chocolate so that's no big surprise.  Albert helped me out and he really liked the vanilla ones. The pumpkin spice donuts didn't taste as pumpkiny as I would have liked, but they were pretty good.  We had our friend Amanda, who is also gluten free, and her boyfriend over to help us finish them off.

+ A box of stevia goods from NuNaturals: {a box of NuStevia Packets, a bottle of Vanilla Stevia Liquid, and More Fiber Stevia Baking Blend} on Gluten Free Frenzy.  I like the stevia packets, but I haven't really tried the vanilla or the baking blend yet since the box arrived the day before we left Virginia (good timing!).  I'm excited to see how it turns out.  It's a great way to cut out the sugar naturally without cutting out the sweetness.

+ A coupon for one free Mi-Del product on Gluten Free Frenzy.  I cashed in my coupon at Whole Foods the day we arrived in Oklahoma for a bag of Swedish Style Vanilla Snaps.  They were lovely with milk.

Gluten Free in Five Minutes Recipe Book on Gluten Free Frenzy.  The week my mom was here we made English Muffins, pancakes, sandwich bread, cinnamon bread, pound cake, and cookie bars.  This book is AMAZING! You make 1-2 servings of baked goods in the microwave using rice flour, sorghum flour, or corn meal.

All the ingredients are things you have on hand and it's so easy to make a hot dog bun in the microwave minutes before the BBQ instead of buying a $5 bag of gross gluten free buns.  It's seriously a bummer spending all that money on a bunch of gluten free flours only for them to have go bad.  So many gluten free recipes have really expensive ingredients you only use once and it makes so much that you never make them because who needs a pan of rice crispy squares just for themselves.

It's fresh and is good.  The bread tastes better toasted, but all gluten free bread does. My mom was so impressed with it she immediately bought won for herself.  It would be fantastic for my brother who is in college.

+ A medium Planetwise re-usable wetbag on Diaper Style. I love the material and the fact that it's machine washable.  I have a wet section in my diaper bag, but you can't wash it.  This will be great for swimming and I could use it if I need somewhere to put my nasty workout clothes.

+ Three boxes of Bakery On Main instant gluten free oatmeal: {Strawberry Shortcake, Multigrain Muffin and Apple Pie} on Gluten Free Frenzy.  I LOVE oatmeal and although I have fun making up my own toppings, I really miss the convenience of the instant packets, plus it includes other grains like chia (of the chia pet fame), flax, amaranth, and quinoa which adds a nutty flavor and lots of nutrients.


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