Quentin's 1st Birthday

We were all battling a major cold last week and he was particularly sick on his birthday.  He had a fever so we cuddled on the bed most of the day then we met Albert at the pavilion for dinner.  After his second bite of food he puked all over so we packed up and headed home.  

I finally came to terms with the fact that Q wasn't going to be eating cake on his birthday.  Instead my parents Skyped in and Q opened birthday presents.  Poor little guy was burning up and all his clothes were pukey so he hung out in just his diaper.

Chatting on Skype with Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Randy.

Dada has been wanting to give Quentin a bottle of bubbles for awhile and he finally got the chance.  Here's Quentin's first experience with bubbles!!  He had a lot of fun popping them.


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