Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

My happy baby boy turned one year old today.  Unfortunately we all have had a horrendous cold so we didn't get to celebrate like we wanted to.  Poor little guy just snuggled with mom and watched HGTV most of the day and then he puked when we were eating dinner so no cake today.  We'll continue our birthday celebrations later on when everyone is feeling better.

I'm so glad this little guy decided to join our family.  He has brought so much joy into our lives and I look forward to seeing him learn and grow and walk and talk during this next year.  We love you Quentin!


kimi + joe said…
Happy Birthday, Q! What a wonderful year it has been. He's a really great addition to your family. Hopefully everyone is on the mend soon so the celebrations can begin!
Megan B. said…
Aww! Happy birthday to Quentin and happy mama anniverary to you!

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