Fun Photo Friday: Week 53

This week turned out a lot different than we had expected. Albert's dad came into town for Quentin's birthday on Saturday and we have all taken our turn being sick which really messed up our cool birthday party plans on Tuesday. Quentin was particularly sick on his 1st birthday on Tuesday so we had to eat cake on Wednesday when he felt better. 

 He also had his 12 month check-up without immunizations on Wednesday. He weighed in at 20.8 lbs (21st percentile), and is still in the 80th percentile for height and head circumference. Perhaps the low weight was because he hasn't been eating very well since he's been sick. 

Quentin has been pointing at things lately like crazy and is not as wary around strangers.  He let the doctor check him out without crying (for the most part) and the nice ladies at the pavilion where we eat have come up to him multiple times this week and he hasn't cried.


kimi + joe said…
Love that little wrinkle in his nose. Good to see he's liking all the attention from the ladies :)

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