Fun Photo Friday: Week 51

It's getting tough to take pictures of Quentin because he never sits still and is into everything all the time.  He really doesn't like getting his diaper or clothes changed and likes to throw himself backwards and try and crawl away mid-change.   He likes to find tiny bits of lint or paper on the floor and eat them.  I'm starting to pick my battles with this.  As long as it won't hurt him I don't go digging it out of his mouth because that's unpleasant for everyone.

Since Dad has been training in the evening and is home during the day it's been a lot more difficult to stay on schedule with naps, but he's doing pretty good, much better than before.  I've just accepted that he will be getting up at 6:30 AM since I haven't been successful in getting him to sleep any longer.  The days he doesn't wake up any earlier are very good ones.  

Quentin really likes going to the library playgroup for babies and tots on Wednesdays.  They have fun toys they play with and then we sing songs and read a book.  It's nice to get out and see other people.  He's getting a lot better at walking as long as someone is holding him up.


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