Fun Photo Friday: Week 50

Quentin has been napping much better this week and with the increased sleep he's been a lot more fun to be  around in the afternoon and evening.  He really is the sweetest little baby in town and I really enjoy hanging out with him all day. He just started blowing kisses on a regular basis and does it throughout the day.  He's been getting really good at walking while holding onto something, walking around the coffee table and along the cabinets.  He also likes to flip through books by himself and enjoys our reading time.  His favorite books are the Usborne "That's not my..." series and enjoys feeling the fuzzy pages.


Sara said…
So cute! Livi loves "thats not my bunny" and "thats not my dog." LOL Miss you! Wish you were here to celebrate Q's and Livi's b-day. Hope all is going well. XOXO
kimi + joe said…
Love that photo and everything about it -- his smile, the water and the strategically placed cup. It's a keeper for sure!

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