Fun Photo Friday: Week 49

Quentin eats his snacks in his bumbo with the tray on it.  He can get out of the bumbo without the tray attached, but he has yet to escape with the tray.  I went in the kitchen for a second while he was eating and came back to see him crawling around with the bumbo still attached to his behind.  It was too funny not to photograph.

We have been "trying" to sleep train all week and some days have definitely been better than others, but at least Quentin's no longer waking up at 5:30 AM. Morning naps go well most days, but the afternoon nap is the hard one. He likes to lay or stand in bed chatting away to himself instead of sleeping.  At least he's not crying anymore and he eventually falls asleep most days.

Other than that Quentin is starting to slide a long while standing and holding the table or cupboard.  He likes to clap frequently and sporadically and will sometimes give kisses.  Grandma Wendy flew into town for a visit on Wednesday and has been staying with us.  Although he just saw her a few weeks ago he has been going through the warming up process again.  I'm sure he will be all warmed up to here just in time for her to go home next week.


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