Fun Photo Friday: Week 48

Night time sleeping has gone much better this week since Quentin has been sleeping in his own bed.  No more waking up at night.  We also bought a white noise machine that has really helped.  Unfortunately napping hasn't been going as great and he is slowly returning to his early wake-up so we're back to sleep training during the day.  I'm not great at being consistent during the day and that has been holding us back thus far.  

I've been sick since we got home and I think it has rubbed off on Quentin because he occasionally coughs and he hasn't been wanting to eat much.  Even things he likes, except for yogurt bites.  I think he got spoiled with all the baby food I bought for the trip.

He has been standing with only the support of one hand on the coffee table or his jumperoo.  His favorite song these days is "Three Little Monkeys" and he likes it when Daddy chases him around the apartment.


kimi + joe said…
I, too have learned that white noise machines are a must when traveling! Love that wrinkled nose.

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