Fun Photo Friday: Week 47

Q making his funny face with his buddy Grandpa Kalei

This week Quentin was able to visit all his relatives in Wyoming except for his Uncle Luke who is going to school in Laramie now.  We were able to see my grandfather before he died and then we went to his funeral before we left. Quentin seemed to really grow and change while we were there. I was bummed that Albert wasn't there to see him clapping for the first time or rolling a ball around on the floor. One of his favorite games is throwing things on the ground and crying until you pick it up for him. My step-sister calls this game "pick-it-up, Stupid."  It's much more fun for him than for whoever is lucky enough to play with him.

He liked visiting with all his grandparents, but he loved playing with his cousins.  He is so social around kids.  We also got a visit from our friends Kim and Elizabeth who we used to hang out with all the time in Virginia before they moved to Denver. Hopefully we have more of those visits once we move to Albuquerque.

Quentin definitely had separation anxiety and didn't like to let me out of his site.  He napped pretty well, but woke up a lot at night, which was a huge bummer.  I ended up letting him sleep with me when he wouldn't go back to sleep and he would snuggle right up to me.  One night I woke up with him sleeping entirely on my pillow around my head and another night he laid his head on my chin and held my hand.  It was uncomfortable, but so so cute.  

He did well on the flights as long as I entertained him.  I was really wishing I could just curl up with my book, but instead I played patty cake and pointed to things out the window. Luckily the seat next to us was empty both flights so I could spread out a little.


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