Packing with Mr. Cutie Pants

Here's Quentin hanging out in the little fort Albert made for him in our living room with our boxes.  Those boxes are now resting safely in our Pack Rat container which will be taken away this morning per the request of our condo association.   We were hoping to keep it until we left that way we could continue using some of our belongings in the meantime, but apparently the association didn't like it parked in the parking lot (even though it's in our assigned spot).

We had a moving party on Saturday and some of our good friends came to say good-bye and pack down boxes.  We had a huge pile that took up pretty much our whole living room and it was all gone in like 20 minutes.  A-MAZ-ING.  Our friends Laura & Blake who rescued us during our last move showed up an hour early and helped pack a few more boxes and take our giant mattress downstairs.  Everyone needs to have a set of friends like them.  It was so great to catch up with friends we hadn't seen in awhile.  We're sure going to miss everyone.

I suppose that it's only right that we are now back to camping out in our home just as we did the first week we moved in because the construction wasn't finished yet.  We are eating off of paper plates while sitting on our patio furniture and sleeping on our blow-up mattress, even Quentin is resigned to the pack n' play.  We only have the stuff that will fit in our car (hopefully). I guess we should have gotten a nicer air mattress since we've used it so much.  I'm not much of a camper and really miss my bed.  It is making me excited to move though so I can sit on a couch.

I do miss Quentin's fort because now it's nearly impossible to keep him away from everything.  He's been a real trooper though this whole thing and hope all the changes aren't too unsettling for him.  We haven't had much time to play with him lately, but hopefully we will get all caught up on together time during our trip west.  


kimi + joe said…
Um, when did Mr. Cutie Pants start pulling himself up? How did I miss that? Looks like an awesome fort and I bet Albert will recreate another when you settle in NM. Laura and Blake are good people and I totally agree, everyone needs a set of friends like them and YOU. Safe travels - just four days to go!

Oh yes, H&M is a must when you visit!

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