New Ride

We had been talking about getting an SUV before Quentin was born, but we figured we'd wait until we moved to New Mexico and just use the Yaris until then.  Then we decided to drive to Oklahoma and bring four month's worth of belongings for the three of us.  We recently realized that this was not reasonable.  The Yaris couldn't hold one person's stuff let alone a baby's.  Plus we were a little nervous about how the Yaris would do in the high winds of Albuquerque and the ice storms in Oklahoma.  

So on black Friday we went car shopping.  My dad who is a mechanical engineer and lives in Wyoming where the wind never stops suggested we get a Chevy Traverse.  We found the only used one in the area and bought it the same day.  Boy it was a long day!  Poor Quentin was up way past his bedtime.  Buying a car takes FOREVER.  It took us a half hour to decide and then we spent the next 3 hrs waiting for the papers to be drawn up.  We traded in the Yaris, which was a little sad, but we LOVE this new car.  When I took it for a test drive I didn't want to stop.

It's a 2011, only owned for six months prior to us.  Since we got it used we were able to get a nicer model with leather, heated seats and a back up camera.

It's so nice to drive and really comfortable.  Our long cross-country trip is going to be so much nicer.  Plus it seats seven people.  It's like a van in that it has three rows of seating, but it's higher off the ground and does great in bad weather. You can lay down the back two rows so it has TONS of room.  It also has a great safety rating.  

Like any big car, it is a lot harder to park in small city spots and the gas mileage, while pretty good for an SUV, is no comparison to the Yaris.  That car got great mileage.  Good thing we're moving west where parking isn't a problem and traffic isn't so bad.


kimi + joe said…
I like the new ride! It seems like it was meant to be.

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